Why this website
"A general reluctance to speak out for what they believed to be right, a fear of being thought out of step with politically correct fashion, has led many people to think that they were voices muttering to themselves in the wilderness……you are not. There are more of you out there than you realise – very many more, perhaps even a majority."
- George Macdonald Fraser - The Light is on at Signpost

The purpose of this website is to make it easier to access documents which relate to firearm rights in South Africa and, also, to other related issues concerning the individual rights of the citizen.

It is unfortunate that the loud, strident and well-funded voice of the anti-gun brigade drowns out the small, quiet voice of the average law-abiding citizen whose only wish is to own a firearm for hunting, sport or collecting purposes – and for the self defence of himself and his family.

The average law-abiding citizen finds it hard to understand why, while he knows in his heart that he and his hobby are no danger to society – and are actually assets to society – all the loud, insistent propaganda says otherwise.

This brassy, loud brigade of anti-gunners has succeeded in selling the Big Lie to our country – that the gunners are only a few lonely voices in the wilderness and that guns are a Bad Thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The overwhelming evidence to the contrary has been brushed under the carpet.

Please download freely from this website. Here you will find the law that governs your rights and the facts that show that you and your firearm are, indeed, assets to the society that you live in.